The digital way of


December 15, 2022

Chief Executives are focused on typical managerial tasks: their organization, performance and communication.

This conference has the ambition to inspire about how a state of the art digital toolset and adapted skills strengthens modern leadership, and allows to set aside time for coaching and mentorship. Leading generation Y and Z employees is different and in a certain way more challenging than ever before.


May 17, 2022


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Via our online digital platform, our HxM Summit - Digital Way of Leading will bring together leading Digital (IT), HR decision-makers and top industry professionals.

Join us and discuss the current challenges and future roadmaps for successful leadership, leading, digitization, transformation,… with your peers.

Hxm Summit

Thanks to technology and tech-led solutions, pursuing an optimal digital employee experience has become the ambition of most employers. It’s about productivity, quality, efficiency and performance! Digital employee experience has become the second most important pillar in employee retention! Spread over 4 thematical sub-conferences, the HxM DigIT Summit brings HR Professionals and C-Levels up to speed about the latest trends, related to digital Employee Experience and the technologies, solutions and initiatives that can boost it.

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