The digital way of


May 17, 2022

The Digital way of Working and its surrounding digital landscape will continue to evolve. The pandemic provided yet another proof that change has become the new normal.

Digital and HR Organizations seize this opportunity to re-think their way of working, based on digital tools, new smart devices, enhancing collaboration and bringing the digital employee experience to the next level. The change in balance between work at the office and work from home is only one single aspect. Employee Experience is about wellbeing, productivity, quality, efficiency and performance, which makes it without any doubt at the core of recovering the full potential of the people and the organization.


May 17, 2022


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The digital transformative impact is about enhancing a performance culture, accessing more diverse talent, improving the employer of choice reputation and in the meantime reducing the carbon footprint.

Via our online digital platform, our HxM Summit - Digital Way of Working, will bring together leading Digital (IT), HR decision-makers and top industry professionals. Join us to discuss the current and future challenges and roadmaps related to the new ways of working, digitization, and employee experience…

HxM Summit

Thanks to technology and tech-led solutions, pursuing an optimal digital employee experience has become the ambition of most employers. It’s about productivity, quality, efficiency and performance! Digital employee experience has become the second most important pillar in employee retention! Spread over 4 thematical sub-conferences, the HxM DigIT Summit brings HR Professionals and C-Levels up to speed about the latest trends, related to digital Employee Experience and the technologies, solutions and initiatives that can boost it.

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